Drawn Poorly is a Manchester based project challenging stigma and encouraging  conversations about living with chronic illness, disability and mental illness. We’re dedicated to providing arts opportunities which allow creatives to collaborate with others who are sick AF!


Starting in 2017, the project has run on a self funding basis through zine sales and workshops. Four zines have been produced so far – Identity, Relationships, Diagnosis and Barriers with the next issue FOMO coming out SOON. The zines are collaboratively created with a huge number of creatives contributing their amazing work.

In September 2018, Drawn Poorly was chosen for the Future Fires programme at Contact Theatre, providing development opportunities and funding for the first ever Drawn Poorly performance night – Barriers Zine Launch.

Comedian Joby Mageean @ Barriers Zine Launch, March 19

We love to collaborate and put artists experiencing chronic health/mental health conditions and disability at the centre of everything we do.

Our next stop is Edinburgh Fringe to deliver workshops about making sick art! More information is here.

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Future Fires 2018